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Ken Auenson

About Me

I am a computer software developer... Or an IT Specialist...  Or a Software Designer... Or a Computer Programmer...  Or a MS SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i & 10g DBA...  Or a ColdFusion Developer...  Or a ColdFusion Consultant...  Or a Web Designer...  Or a Project Manager...  Or ... well... you get the idea. The problem with the software industry is that there are no real titles...  I can be everything above, and sometimes I am all of them at once!  I am currently working to get my own personal brand,, off the ground. This is a challenge because I also have several personal projects pulling me in different directions and never seem to have enough time to get to them all. I am currently working for a couple major fortune 100 companies that due to confidentiality agreements I am not allowed to publicly name... For a major client I do get to use my favorite tool, ColdFusion. :) I spend 2-3 days each week with this client on site helping them with some ColdFusion development and DBA duties. This is keeping me very busy.  Our main projects lately seem to have been maintenance & support, but we do get the occasional new development request. Some of the tools I have built for this client are used by many of their in house employees to track ongoing work and to build reports from the raw data.  Its a great feeling to work on something with a purpose.  We are currently embarking on a process to rebuild a large data warehouse system that was originally built with an older proprietary technology. This is shaping up to be a very fun project, as we are able to utilize some of the great features in ColdFusion's newer versions as well as being able to design some really amazing features based on the excellent jQuery JS library. For another major client, I am currently working on redesigning a major tracking and reporting system. This has been a challenging project as my hands are tied with technology requirements and the only tool available to build this large system and database is Microsoft Access. I know a lot of people get very worked up when comparing one programming language to another and defending their preferred toolset, but I feel that each language is simply a tool and we as developers are the master craftsman whose job it is to make an excellent product, regardless of the tools at our disposal. I also do work for some smaller clients. I really enjoy working for these smaller clients, as there is less red tape to deal with; I am usually able to directly work with the decision makers in the business and we are able to develop a plan to create great tools to make their business run better and more efficiently.